Tuesday, February 16, 2010

God Bless the Triple Espresso

So I am once again blogging from the road (sorry, rail), it seems like these train rides are the only time I can find a moment for myself. Plus there's something so poetic about writing while travelling, Mark Twain and the steamboat etc. Although this blog is hardly comparable to Huckelberry Finn, but still. I feel more inspired writing like this.
Anyways, my departure was a little less hectic this time. I even had time to grab 'breakfast' from the little kiosk at the station. I say breakfast like that because the cheese and tomato panini I'm having hardly constitutes a sandwich. The coffee however, is heavenly. And much needed at this hour, especially since I'm sick, yet again, so I'm feeling a little worse than the usual 6 AM lethargy. I'm not really sure but I'm inclined to believe coffee/caffiene isn't too good for the flu, but oh well.
Moving on, I've been meaning to do a music post for a while so without further ado, I present the
"What's Playing on my iPod" segment (catchy, I know :) )
- The Glee Soundtrack: Yes, I am a self proclaimed Gleek. I admit, it's a cheesy show at times but the characters are hilariously colourful not to mention incredibly talented. Favorites on this album include the ever popular Journey cover 'Don't Stop Believing' and their cover of Queen's 'Somebody to Love'
- Ellie Goulding: Although her album's not out yet, she's already caused quite a buzz, and with good reason. I'd describe her music as Florence and The Machine meets La Roux, sort of like folk-tronica. Favourites so far are 'Starry Eyed' and 'Under the Sheets'.
- 'Hollywood' - Marina and the Diamonds: Another new artist with a pretty unique sound. Catchy, fun song, makes me want to hear more from her.
- 'Won't Go Quietly' - Example: I don't usually like these kind of RnB electronic-ish songs but this one is pretty good. Has kind of a Mr.Hudson vibe. It's more of a party song though.
- 'Pursuit of Happiness' - Kid Cudi ft. MGMT: Genius collaboration. I love it, the video's pretty neat too, kind of trippy.
That's it for now, I'll depart with a picture of my oh so appetizing meal :).

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

5:00 AM is not a good hour

To be up. Let alone to be up and have to make it to the train station on time. Anyways all is well, and i'm making my first post on the road as we speak. Or rather on the rail, if you want to get technical.
So another thing about 5 AM is that the lovely people over at east midlands trains aren't particularly thrilled about working the late/early shift and tend to be extremely unsympathetic to frazzled travellers who just happened to forget the credit card they need to collect their tickets. :) needless to say it was pretty frustrating. Despite the fact that i had my printed receipt with my full name and a bar code on it, as well as my rail card (which has my picture on it btw. I'm not sure how that helps exactly but i'm inclined to think that photo id adds some level of credibility), i still had to buy a new ticket. All in the 15 minutes before the train to my future was departing. Stressful? An understatement.
Now, i'd love to be seated next to michael j fox at this moment, but sadly my journey today is not of the time travel variety (besides, who time travels in anything other than a Delorean). I'm actually on my way to a very important job interview in north london. My nerves are okay, for now. The combination of john mayer and a view of the sun rising over a foggy english countryside is helping though. Anyways my phone battery seems to be draining quickly and i have quite the long day ahead of me. So i'll sign off with this: 5 AM is not a good hour to be in a pencil skirt either.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Teacups in Wonderland

Okay since the last two posts have been a little tech heavy I figured I'd write about something a little girlier today. I came accross the most adorable vintage inspired jewllery site, Cutie Pie Jewellery (much love to Luphia for featuring them in her latest giveaway.)
Think the name's cheesy?
Trust me, their one of a kind Alice in Wonderland inspired pieces make up for it. A few of my favourites:

Seriously adorable stuff. Will definitely be ordering from them soon.

Also in the spirit of mad hatter fun, I stumbled upon The Walk Cafe around two weeks ago with a friend and can't believe I've lived here for almost two years and have never heard of it before, it's heavenly!
It's a small little cafe near Bridlesmith Gate with the quirkiest decor, the most extensive selection of herbal teas, and the creamiest scones you've ever tasted. Seriously, anyone living in Nottingham or the surrounding areas should go check it out. I'm definitely bringing the mother here next time she comes to visit.
Oh and apparently it's one of Sir Paul Smith's favourite places in Notts, as featured by Vogue magazine (which explains why we had to wait almost half an hour to be seated, but it was honestly worth it).

I fell in love with the mismatched teacups and pots <3 and sadly ended up breaking this one :)

Bad shot, but I couldn't resist including this one. I have a weakness for all things Alice :)